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Unlocking Stories that Connect Us to our Past

Every piece in the Okains Bay Museum collection has a story to tell. Each piece is connected to humanity through its shaping, making, use or discovery.

The aim of the Mobile Storytelling project is to uncover and tell the stories attached to key pieces of the collection in an easily accessible way. Utilising a mobile device, QR codes and museum-wide internet, visitors will be able to access deep information on pieces in the collection and enrich their experience.

The Museum receives overwhelmingly positive feedback for its collections of national significance. However, there is a pressing need for “more detailed descriptions”  and to “Update labelling, expand narratives… when funding is available”.

With limited funding and over 20k pieces in the museum, this appears almost insurmountable. But if we begin the journey of discovering, unlocking and telling these stories, then we can preserve information on aspects of the provenance of the collection before it is lost with the passing of people and time.

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