Introducing Our Team

Wendy Riley

General Manager / Business Builder

Wendy joined the Museum after seven years working in arts marketing and communications. Before that the ran her own design business and worked in the print & advertising industries.

She grew up in a small rural town in North Auckland, and spent many happy summers at the family Bach on the Hauraki Gulf, so she feels very much at home here with us at Okains Bay.

Her role is to build relationships with businesses, patrons, sponsors and funders to help grow and secure the Museum’s future.

Carol Witty Osgood

Buildings and Facilities Manager

Based mostly at home in Le Bons Bay, Carol manages the day to day accounts and correspondence for the museum.

Carol grew up in Christchurch but has lived in neighbouring Le Bons Bay for the past 15 years.

With her partner Ciarán, she runs a small business managing holiday rental accommodation and is involved in several local trusts.

Carol is passionate about young people and education and enjoys using her organisational skills to facilitate learning experiences for people.

Joanna Church

Joanna Church

Visitor Host

Joanna grew up on the Peninsula on her family farm in Robinsons Bay. She has a BA in History and Anthropology from UC and has just completed a History Honours degree. She is planning on doing her Masters in 2021.

Her research interests focus on late nineteenth century NZ social history, so the collection items surrounding local settlers are particularly interesting to her.

Joanna wants to pursue a career working with historical artefacts and the past and is very excited to be part of the Okains Bay Museum team.

Nigel Intemann

Nigel Intemann

Visitor Host

Nigel grew up in Northern West Coast and spent his childhood white baiting and exploring the relics of lost gold and early coal industry towns. He’s also been heavily involved in classic/vintage vehicle restorations. Combined with a broad background in customer service, workshop management and mechanical engineering, Nigel is a great fit for our Museum.

In his spare time, Nigel is a musician, artist and cook. His baking skills are particularly well appreciated.

Rick Flatman

Resident Caretaker

Rick is well known around the bay and at the museum and is the holder and teller of many stories related to aspects of the collection. His passion is history and boats. His boatbuilding skills were fundamental to the restoration of Kōtukumairangi, the Ngāi Tahu waka built from totara gifted by our museum’s founder, Murray Thacker.

As a now-retired master builder, we are very fortunate to have Rick as the museum’s resident caretaker, working 20 hours per week but contributing many more hours as a volunteer.