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Barney and Adeline Harris’ cottage was built in the 1850s on a section that is now part of the museum complex. The cottage was relocated a short distance to its present position on the museum driveway in the late 1980s. In 2015 the cottage was refurbished to tell the stories of some of the 19th century families in the bay (1850-1900) beginning with the Ngāi Tahu women who became the wives of the first Pākehā settlers. Portraits in their original frames depict individuals, family groups, and weddings.  A time line records major events in the bay. The exhibition also features artefacts, memorabilia, photographs of dwellings, and descriptions of economic and social developments including whaling, milling, cocksfooting, dairying, the building of the school, library, church, wharves, and hall.