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ANZAC Poppy Brooches

This year we are raising funds to enable us to mount a display of the Okains Bay WWII plaque which is currently undergoing conservation.

Support this project with the purchase of a unique Okains Bay Museum poppy brooch or click here to make a donation.

2 red felt ANZAC Poppy Brooches

To support the protection and preservation of the ANZAC collection at the museum, we have beautiful handcrafted ANZAC Poppy Brooches made by one of the Okains Bay Museum team, each one unique and made to order.

$36 each including standard postage within NZ. Approximate brooch size 60 mm.

As each brooch is made to order, please allow a minimum of 7 days from purchase for delivery. Brooches are made from medium red and black coloured felt. They are individually made and each one is unique, so they may differ from those shown.

Support the Museum with your purchase:

Place your order using the form below. Online banking payment details will appear on the screen after you submit your order and a copy will be sent to your email address (please check your spam folder).

“Omg I absolutely love it thank you!!! I want to buy two more and will pay now.
Thank you! Jo”

“These are beautiful. My poppy arrived and it’s a work of art.” Janine

Order here below:

ANZAC Poppies