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Ahoy, Me Hearties. Avast Ye!

Treasure MapHidden away in a small seaside community are treasures from our seafaring past. From waka to whaling, shipwrecks to scrimshaw, these treasures tell the story of epic journeys across the seas and coastlines of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Using a map and clues printed on a scroll, your task is to find specific objects in the collections and solve the key to unlock your own piece of Okains Bay treasure.

You don’t have to be a kid to take part in this challenge.

While this treasure hunt suits families it is just as much fun for adults without kids.

  • There is no extra cost to take part. Standard admission charges apply.
  • Allow at least an hour to complete the Treasure Hunt, and more if you want to take in all the collections.

Carved tusk showing ship wit words Charles W Morgan

Sailor's Cabin interiorShip's Cannon