Waka Experience - Kōtukumairangi

If your corporate or community group is looking for a unique team-building opportunity a waka experience on the Ngāi Tahu waka, Kōtukumairangi is perfect. Ngāi Tahu waka ama champions Iaean Cranwell and Craig Pauling lead your group on a unique and unforgettable experience.

You will learn about the tikanga and kawa of the waka, leadership, trust, and the strength of working together.

Ka mau te wehi!

Typical Programme:
  1. Whakatau: Arrive and be welcomed by your hosts.
  2. Mihimihi: Get to know each other and go over the objectives for the day.
  3. Whakataki: Iaean and Craig will provide an outline of the day’s events, key safety information and a tutorial on the waka Kōtukumairangi. You will learn about waka history and values, as well as paddling techniques.
  4. Kai/Paramanawa*: Refreshments before embarking.
  5. Whare taonga*: Visit the Museum and see the amazing collection of taonga, including the world-class waka collection.
  6. Whakarewa / Hoea: Launch Kōtukumairangi from its whare onto the Ōpara River. Paddle downstream learning traditional chants and how to turn and manoeuvre the waka.
  7. Whakaungia: Return Kōtukumairangi to the wharewaka, paddling back upstream on the Ōpara River, and learn the traditional waka salute.
  8. Whakakapi: Wrap up the day with a reflection of your experience and a farewell from your hosts.
* The timing of kai and museum visits will depend on the tides and size of the group and may take place after paddling.


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